Often performed without anesthesia this procedure does HURT!

Circumcision does not prevent one from attracting STD's or HIV as behavioral factors are far more important.  

Circumcision does not prevent cancer of the penis.

Causes a
decrease in sensitivity as most of the nerve endings are contained within the foreskin.

Circumcision is purely cosmetic which is why no
National Medical Organization recommends circumcision.

Both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Medical Association states the benefits are not
sufficient enough to recommend routine neonatal circumcision.  

The Canadian Pediatric Society states: "Circumcision of newborns should not be routinely performed."

Circumcision will not prevent Urinary Track Infections (U.T.I.)

Circumcision rates have fallen between 50 - 70% while some parts of the country such as the west coast are as low as 33%.

85% of all men in the world are intact.

A circumcised penis tends to be smaller as the taunt skin does not allow for growth.

Everyone's body is different so why should we try and make the child's penis look like the fathers?

Is amputation really necessary when Soap and water are adequate to keep any body part clean?

Circumcision causes chaffing and dryness during intercourse.

Complications from circumcision includes scarring, adhesions, skin bridges, skin tags, Meatal Stenosis and Pyronies (curvature of the
penis) not to mention that some infants have had their
penis amputated.

The practice of circumcision is fear-based and excuses for circumcision always have been consistent with the disease of the day.

Shouldn't the child have the right to decide?
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Physician Opinions
Having a baby is an exciting time but many parents are confused when having to decide on whether they should have their son circumcised.
Typically the parental decision is primarily based on being similar to the father without taking into consideration what the child (who will later become a man) might
want and the purpose of the foreskin.

1) It protects the glans (head) of the penis keeping the urinary track sterile.

2) The foreskin plays an important part during sexual intimacy, acting as a natural lubricant through its unique rolling motion thus providing women improved sensation and
comfort while preventing vaginal dryness and chafing.

3) The foreskin is the most sexually sensitive and pleasurable part of the penis. It is the loss of this highly erogenous tissue that cause many men circumcised as adults to
report a significant loss of sensitivity.

Besides looks many parents often believe that having their son circumcised will make it easier to clean and lower his risk of urinary track infections. This however is not true as
it does not take any more effort to clean a penis with or without a foreskin. Often parents are misinformed and are told to pull back the skin during bathing, however this can
be very painful as the skin is attached to the glans like a finger nail to a finger and comes apart on its own typically by age 5. Although circumcision may slightly lower the
chances of your son from getting a urinary track infection having your son circumcised does not guarantee he still will not get them. Urinary track infections are very common
among girls and we do not amputate to treat them but instead use antibiotics. Could boys not be treated with antibiotics too?

As parents it is our responsibility to educate ourselves before making such a decision in which the child may later resent our decision as he was not given the choice.
Swedish doctors appose circumcision
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Public Service Announcement
narrated by Dr. Dean Edell
American Academy of Pediatrics
(AAP) 1999 announcement
Royal Australasian College of
Physicians says parents should wait
until he is old enough to make his
own decision
How Much Does It Hurt?
Largest-ever drop in the circumcision rate: from
56% to 33% over the last four years, according to
a report released at the recent 18th International
AIDS Conference in Vienna - July 2010